Latest Clash Royale Update: February Balance Change (12/2/18)

Supercell loves to add new features into its games and that keeps gamers keen enough to play its games over and over again. Recently, Supercell launched a new balance change update in Clash Royale Game. We are pretty excited to see this Latest Clash Royale Update. It will surely keep things in shape and balanced.

So, let’s dig into it.

Clash Royale Update
Clash Royale Update

Knight, Skeleton Barrel and Mega Knight are getting nerf in this update. Let’s have a look at the February 12, 2018, balance change update.

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Mega Knight:

Some cool updates are added into Mega Knight. You can now clearly see that the Spawn and Jump Damage is reduced to -25%. On the other hand, Deployment radius is also reduced (deployment won & you can easily hit beyond bridge and river)

Skeleton Barrel:

In Skeleton barrel, the Skeleton count has been updated to 8 → 6. I hope, it’ll help to maintain the balance in the game.


Hitpoints are updated to -6%

Inferno Dragon:

After this February balance update in Clash royale, you can easily see Switches between targets are slower.


In Valkyrie, the Hit Speed has also been reduced. Now, the actual speed is reduced from 1.5sec to 1.4sec.


Bandit also got updated. Supercell reduced the minimum dash range as well. You can clearly see that Minimum Dash Range is reduced from 4 to 3.5.

Dark Prince:

You will also see some drastic changes in Dark Prince. Now the Hit Speed went from 1.4sec to 1.3sec but there’s +5% increase in Hitpoints.

Magic Archer:

Magic Archer reveals Preparation for the Arena.

Final Words:

So, this was the latest clash royale update which is also known as the February balance update. Supercell explained clearly that this update is meant to keep the balance in the game. Let us know your views about this update in the comments section below. Keep visiting,

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