Best Hay Day Tips and Strategies to Get Success

Hay Day is a free mobile-based farming game. It is developed by supercell. It became popular because of its super addictive gameplay and extraordinary graphics. Your goal is to become the best farmer and build an extraordinary agricultural facility. This game makes you in charge of a farm. You grow crops and then harvest them. Make livestock, clear land and make goods that you can sell to local consumers. This game gets really fun as you expand your farm and level up. So, we’re sharing Best Hay Day Tips, Tricks and Strategies to be one of the greatest farmers.

Let’s talk about some of the strategies that beginners can use in order to make quick progress in the game. We have put together these Best Hay Day Tips in order to help you on your way to building the greatest farm ever.

Ok so let’s start…

Diamonds, The most Valuable resource:

Just like any other mainstream mobile strategy game, diamonds are the rarest and valuable resources of Hay Day. These diamonds are used to do upgrades and buy other resources. Diamonds can also be used to speed up the upgrades. There are many ways in which you can get these diamonds. Most common are:

  • By leveling up
  • By Completing achievements
  • By opening mystery boxes
  • By mining (starts at level 24)
  • By following Hay Day on Facebook
  • By watching Ads

Hay Day Tips for Money:

With money, you can buy more land and expand your farm but that’s not an easy thing to do. Collecting money can be really tiresome.  Let’s try to fine tune the process so that you can get more money in less time. We‘re pretty much sure that, these Hay Day Tips will surely help you to increase your money.

The quickest way is to sell your crops that you don’t need. When your crops are ready, harvest them and cell the extra crops. One more thing that you can do is to buy more land. With more land, you will have more places to grow wheat crops. More crops equal more money.

Make reasonable sales:

One of the very common mistakes that beginners do is, they rush their sales. That means, selling their goods at an extremely low price with little less than no profit. It is always better to wait until you get a good offer. Don’t give unnecessary discounts to people by selling your goods at a low price. You need to make sure that you spend your money carefully because in case you run out of money, then you will have to sell your things at a low price in order to get some. You can surely use these Hay Day Tips to get success.

Hay Day Tips to Use Newspaper to our Advantage:

Newspapers are probably the most underrated part of Hay Day gamepplay. If you are a normal Hay Day player then you might have seen many newspapers around without even thinking about them. Let’s see how we can use them to our advantage.

Newspapers are probably the easiest and fastest way of making money. Look around for sales and you can find some very profitable offers. With these offers, you can sell your good for a reasonable price.

Don’t oversell your crops:

Ok, so you want money? Sell your crops. But here’s the problem. Most of the players sell all of their crops and seeds in order to get more money and end up ruining their whole future gameplay. Now they have no other choice but to buy the seeds from other farmers at an expensive rate. Managing your crops is the most important thing. Make sure you have enough seeds in your silo before selling your crops.

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Hay Day Tips & Tricks for Treasure:

You can get treasure from treasure chests. But from where do you find these boxes? Well, you need to go on someone else’s farm and look for the treasure box there. If the box is closed then tap at the box anywhere except where “X” is marked and see if it opens up. If it is unlocked then you are good to go. Take whatever treasure that’s inside and come back. Now you have all of the tools available in your tool box that you found in the treasure.

Final Words about Hay Day Tips:

The last tip that we would like to give you is to continue playing the game. It is super fun and gets even more interesting as you play along. Keep playing it whenever you get a free moment and keep building your farm. That’s pretty much everything that a beginner should know about Hay Day. Stay tuned because we will be back with more amazing Hay Day tips and tricks for you.     

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